Always give us a correct email address.

You will get the links to your lessons to the email address you gave us so make sure you gave us the right one.

Check your junk mail if you can’t find the link for our lesson.
Use a wifi connection.
Email us.

If you can’t connect or have technical issues, just email us, we could probably help you. This is our email address:

Find a quiet room.

Avoid scheduling your lesson in a time you will be needed somewhere else. Have your lesson somewhere you can be alone to avoid distractions.

If your lesson is through Zoom set “enable original sound”.

That will help your instructor to hear your end with more fidelity. See how to do it here.

Tell your instructor if you can’t hear.

Our professionals know that online lessons sometimes get complicated. So, don’t be afraid to interrupt and let you instructor know what the the problem is.